Pecci Filati presents the collection F W 24 25 @ Pitti Filati 2023

Pecci filati A

From 28 to 30 June, Pecci Filati will return to the evocative Fortezza da Basso of Florence for Pitti Filati to present its new Autumn-Winter 2024/25 collection.

The keyword for the coming season will be naturalness. The main colours will be grey in all its shades and nuances, the tones of beige, such as camel; then moving on to real plays of light with more flamboyant shades. A little burst of vitality that leaves its comfort zone without losing its refined and reassuring armour.

For the Tuscan house, the new Autumn-Winter 2024/25 collection is a journey of elegance and comfort. A concept that is also expressed through the use of light, natural yarns that evoke a reassuring sensation, like that of a warm, enveloping embrace. A triumph of delicate softness, also given by the choice of precious techniques and materials such as suri alpaca and baby alpaca. A tradition linked to the principle of purity and design typical of Made in Italy, a fundamental element that has distinguished Pecci Filati since 1884.

The Florentine company's new line aims at syncretism and a combination of unusual shapes, nuances and finishes. It is no coincidence that the choice of recycled cashmere, together with other elements (strictly certified), creates a composition of a sophisticated "high feminine" product, unique in its kind. Effects such as bouclè or air span, for example, are revisited in a modern key thanks to the lustre and quality of the silk.

Pecci Filati's presence at Pitti Filati is now a permanent fixture.  It is an opportunity to get in touch with the latest and future trends in a sector that is constantly evolving.

Behind a Pecci Filati yarn is the work of many professionals who carry out their work with passion and dedication. The work of those who have woven their lives under the banner of excellence.



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