This is a collection that it is not confined to the concept of trends, sometimes with a long-term perspective.
The transition from a traditional product to a sustainable one seems to be well established. With the new collection we want to go beyond this concept, avoiding any compromise that might limit the preciousness and exteriority of the proposal.

A collection that does not follow trends but focuses on the refinement of the material, which evolves into five themes, each of which is strongly connected to the main material.

The Innovation Vision is the theme characterised by organic cotton fibre. Everything is mastered by an amazing variety of shapes and colours. The yarns in this theme are dedicated to handcrafted knitwear, inspired by manual techniques such as lace and crochet hook.

The Street Couture theme presents pure silks and silk/cotton blends with functional performance. Stiffness and opacity for a structured look that echoes the woven world.

Techno Camouflage is the theme characterised by the influence of the world of sport and lingerie on the interpretation of viscose. Hyper-thin yarn counts for transparent aspects or layered garments enhance the more feminine side of the theme. Stretch viscose yarns encourage a sporty look that goes beyond pure performance, showing a multiplicity of aspects and tactility.

In Natural Beauty, nature is a source of inspiration and linen fibre becomes its ideal interpreter. Everything is always very refined and imaginative. An interpretation that is in any case luxurious and with strong contrasts.

The Four-Season theme indicates a pragmatic approach to climate change that leads to mixing organic cottons with Baby Alpaca or Recycled Wool and Cashmere. A new comfort for timeless garments that find in vintage emotionality their main source of inspiration.

Firenze 2 Febbraio 2022


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