Pecci Filati is amongst the 20 companies in Prato participating in the Detox campaign, a project launched by Greenpeace for the elimination of toxic substances in the fashion industry.

As explained by Andrea Cavicchi, president of Confindustria Toscana Nord: “We were ambitious since the beginning and have had a partner on our side, Greenpeace, who’s even more ambitious. Ours are companies who have decided to commit to a long-term sustainable program, involving economical commitment and believing in technological innovation.”

Confindustria Toscana Nord plans on reinforcing its commitment towards a sustainable and toxic-free fashion industry, with the intent of developing and offering new instruments of support to the use of Detox, creating a protocol of external auditing, progress registering, case studies publishing and guaranteeing the publication of the results of chemical analysis.

The agreement involves more then 13 thousand tons of yarn and raw material, and more then 13 millions of products developed each year, particularly:

  • 4.500 tons of yarn produced annually
  • 4 millions and 500 thousand of textile produced annually
  • 1.800 tons of textile material produced annually
  • 3.700 tons of dyed textile produced annually
  • 8 millions and 800 thousand meters of textile annually
  • 3.200 tons of chemical formulations produced annually for the textile industry

Pecci Filati naturally had to take part in the Detox project as it reflects the ethical values of the company, based on the constant research and development of new technologies to make our planet more eco-friendly.


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