Aderiamo al progetto “CALPEX”


The project Calpex is a campesina (farmer) business that reunites 21 associations of alpaca farmers from the regions of Puno, Cusco, Apurimac, Ayacucho and  Huancavelica, aiming at enhancing the social and economical status of the farmers through the associated sale and the self-management of the businesses. Thanks to the assistance provided, the formation and cooperative development of institutional parts and Italian and international unions, the consortium of the alpaqueros is an example of modern set up of the industrial relations able to create new business models aiding all parts involved.

Local producers, encouraged to apply a more sustainable way of managing their enterprises freeing themselves from exploitation issues, are able to focus on the improvement of the quality of the raw materials, which is a positive aspect to the importing businesses. Thanks to equal commercial relations and helped by the work of international institutions, these can make provisions of alpaca of great quality at competitive rates.

Becoming part of this project in cohesion with the ethical business values supported by Manifattura Pecci 1884, it is possible to offer the alpaca range of yarns, a product which is improved in terms of quality, and also enhance the social and economical conditions of the realities which produced them.


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