We eliminate toxic and harmful chemicals

We recognize the importance of eliminating dangerous substances from our production cycle.  

We started some years ago implementing the 4 Sustainability protocol in order to meet the Roadmap to Zero targets for 2020.

We have implemented a chemical management system, we check raw materials entering our process on a base of an accurate statistical action plan, and have substituted suppliers and materials when resulted non compliant to our standards.

We monitor our supply chain, and specially the wet processes suppliers.

We can proudly say that our processes comply with the ZDHC MRSL.

We share our datas on ZDHC Gateway

In February 2016, we have signed the Detox commitment, promoted by Greenpeace.  

Here our commitment, here the result of our analysis and a case study on APEOS

We share this commitment with a group of companies of the textile district of Prato, with which we have founded CID (Consorzio Italiano Detox), through which we are investing money and resources to continuous improvement, to make case studies and to pursue solutions to solve some of the still unsolved issues for the upcoming 2020 targets.


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