We consume responsibly

We are well aware that textile production is an energy consuming process. We are committed to reduce the impact of what we do by using resources responsibly. We recycle all waste material possible and are involved in a continuous improvement process to reduce the amount of waste material produced.

When we introduce new yarns in our collection we evaluate the inclusion of raw materials with lower social and environmental impact made in accordance with environmental

protection and biodiversity criteria as well as at producers who implement the same ethical values. We thus use recycled materials in certain of our yarns.

We comply with all relevant environmental legislation, regulations and requirements

Since 2009 we have a photovoltaic plant that covers all our energy needs.

We therefore use only green energy, and sell the energy we produce in excess (Yearly production: 2.6 Million kwh with a saving of CO2 834.600 Kg, TEP 486,20 Ton)


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