Luxury and
our commitment to sustainability Words whose meaning gets
reacher and truer when
they’re close to each other.

There’s no luxury without sustainability.

For us in Filati Naturali, the concept of luxury cannot be separated from the context in which it is embedded.

The natural beauty, the human heritage to be preserved, the excellence of innovation: these are all values which – if missing – cannot guarantee the high end range. For this reason,
while pursuing our corporate vision, we look at the circular economy as a point of arrival. We recycle our materials because we believe that in this way they tell even more interesting stories, bringing with them the meaning of the previous lives.



Wool garments (post-consumer) are sorted for quality, color and fibre contents.


Material is re-sized to flock dimensions. Now fibers can be mixed in specific proportions to determine colors.


Material undergoes carding, spinning and all garmeting process as any other fiber would.


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Così affermiamo che la qualità ha una sostenibilità intrinseca, per l’ambiente e per gli utilizzatori dei prodotti: beni che proiettano la loro durata più a lungo nel tempo, portando con sé il valore della manodopera artigianale, del patrimonio culturale e artistico che è il suo background, contribuendo al benessere diffuso delle comunità di riferimento.

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CTherefore, we state that quality has an intrinsic sustainability, for the environment and the users of the products: goods that project their duration longer over time, bringing with them the value of the artisan labour, the cultural and artistic heritage that is its background, contributing to the widespread well-being of the reference communities.



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