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We are proud to produce all our yarns internally in our production plant. Many different and modern technologies allow us…



Here below the steps and actions of the past years, and results achieved.


This Pledge contains the VALUES and the COMMITMENT that Pecci Filati incorporates in its corporate practices, both on management and operation level which inspires the entire Organization.

As a first result of the 4sustainability project, the first Italian network designed to accompany the industry’s businesses on a path to sustainability, Pecci Filati has released its first Sustainability Report, the preliminary tool for establishing the process of continuous improvement of the environmental impact imposed by the company. This document contains information regarding the performance of the organization and the individuals who are part of it. The information is collected, described and quantified to be analyzed according to the benchmarks of the existing regulations and protocols, in particular the international guidelines for the processing of the Sustainability Budget (Global Reporting Initiative – GRI) and the ISO 26000 standard.

This new step in Pecci Filati’s journey is in line with its vision: to draw on more advanced skills, deep knowledge of the market and innovative technological tools to address sustainability challenges methodically and be certain of results.

The Sustainability Report is available here


“Good ethics, good business”: 5 companies from Prato, producing yarns, work on sustainability and endorse the path and the image of 4sustainability

The path towards sustainability is a complex one and it requires the commitment and the determination of companies; it is better to go through this pathway as a team, sharing experiences and resources. This is what 5 companies from Prato, producing yarns and being among the most important and the most innovative ones of the district, are already doing: Filpucci, Industria Italiana Filati (with the brand Accademia too), Lanificio Dell’Olivo, Pecci Filati and Pinori Filati.

Joining spontaneously an initiative promoted by CPF-Consorzio Promozione Filati, these 5 companies approved a protocol and a chart of the values representing a strong taking on responsibility towards consumers, customers, workers and generally towards the community.

A special attention is paid to the production chain as well as to the requirement of traceability. Following the indications of this protocol, these companies already carried out a mapping of their supply chain, so that both compliances and possible aspects to be improved are evident. The acquisition and the management of data concerning each of the working steps, inside or outside the company, are absolutely necessary: as a matter of fact it is possible to recognize a sustainable productive process as such only by starting from the origin of raw materials to the execution of final manufacture, all the numerous and complex phases of the textile cycle included.

For raw materials and chemical products, for example, the Chart of Values adopted by the companies implies for the suppliers to work in compliance with criteria to protect environment and biodiversity; if raw materials have an animal origin, it implies that they are obtained respecting the dignity of each living person. A control plan for suppliers and supplies has already been integrated in the corporate management of the 5 companies.

The social performance is also of paramount importance, with the aim to respect international regulations and agreements on human rights.

Our commitment for sustainability, the 5 companies state, is for us a fact being acquired and integrated in the corporate management; we will not reverse this decision, it is a chance to grow, an investment for quality in the medium and long run aiming to develop the economic performance; it is a dynamic process which will continue by means of a constant improvement.

4Sustainability is the brand they decided to use in order to identify this pathway of real implementation. “Good ethics, good business” summarizes the tendency towards sustainability which, from now on, will characterize the way you make business.

Next Pitti Filati edition will be for the 5 companies a way to start to develop their commitment towards their customers, both the regular ones and the potential ones, emphasizing the specific inclination each of them gave to one’s work within this field.

PECCI FILATI SPA is aware of the importance of eliminating dangerous substances from our production cycle.   For this reason, in February 2016, it has signed the Detox commitment, promoted by Greenpeace, starting a significant improvement operation.   We share this commitment with a group of companies of the textile district of Prato, coordinated by the Confindustria Toscana Nord.   This new path wants to contribuite to the enhancement of our dedicated care in the respect of the environment, the health of the workers and consumers through quality products and quality production processes.
Please find here the complete Detox commitment, and Here the NRSL and the Analysis on our products.

Please find here the case study on APEOS

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