A brand that is synonymous of its dynamic and progressive yarn offer, mostly combed, to the service of contemporary fashion. A range that holds in its research on surfaces and colours the factor that made it the benchmark of its industry.

Pecci Filati combines tradition, originated from craftsmanship, with the highest technological standards, to realise yarn that is the expression of the most modern conception of international textile.

With craftsmanship and the authenticity of raw materials

unique yarns are created.


The new challenge is to create and develop dialogues with foreign markets and cultures. To be able to create business partnerships with established companies as well as emerging ones, worldwide. Spreading the values and the quality of excellence of craftsmanship, both as a concept of “personalisation of the industrialisation” which is the real added value of the Made in Italy, and the respect for the ethical standards of the work, not only environmentally friendly but also social and human, without which the concept of quality remains a generic and impersonal concept.

The quality is not only valuable to the company and the interest of a few, but also to a wider audience.

Pecci Filati believes in the importance of the relations between its partners and clients, as well as the community and the district.

Pecci Filati

Our commitment to sustainability

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