Naturalness and performance go permanently hand in hand according to a project of circular economy where people are the added value.

Every Pecci Filati collection represents an evolutionary phase of the company’s journey, firmly rooted in adopting the most hardcore principles of sustainability and fulfilling the most current market needs.

The combination of naturalness (in appearance and principle) and technology (in performance and usability) is a consolidated asset of the consumer and shall permanently characterise the trend in demand. Pursuing this philosophy requires an industrial strategy that involves vision, the structures to make it possible and the people to implement it.

A concept of “industrial renaissance” that Pecci Filati conveys by managing all of the production processes in-house, with their own cutting edge technologies. With this type of structure it is natural that the humancomponent is central, as the protagonist of a “craft” approach to creation that cannot be represented in organisational charts where the production chain is less integrated and controllable.

The objective of all of this is to create the criteria for a circular economy that Pecci Filati pursues in observance of the most advanced ecological certifications and programmes of sustainability that strive for “zero impact” on the environment.

For spring-summer 2020 the word of the day is naturalness, in addition to rusticness. Each yarn is designed and created with a craft component that brings out this concept, all presided by essential product performance-related requirements. Through the human component of the process, nature and technology blend even more: like a poem that brings together science and art.

From a visual point of view, the collection gives value to imperfection, which stems from hybridisation, the pursuit of the aesthetic effect of recycled material and makes it appealing. Sustainability is paramount, to the point of ruling over the design. Mixed structures are the preference, such as jaspé, moulinè, shades and prints.

The emotional mood of the collection is romantic. The fibres, go from glossy and metallic to more refined, inspired by the past, more ethereal in their colours, faded but with a vitality provided by the metallic hybridisations.

Global climate change suggests new evolutions in the product: fibres that ethically clash are now blended, creating brand new scenarios. The final image is almost never classically winter, but more often an anomalous blend of fibres that make everything different from the past. A highlight of the collection: cotton binding filled with mohair. The colour range is sorted into 5 different colour groups.