Design, technology and tradition: the quintessence of Made in Italy


Contemporary fashion, even when inspired by the past, cannot neglect the weight factor during the product realisation process. With the use of technologies, the objective is to control the weight factor as well as the coverage. This is one of the most distinctive characteristics of the Made in Italy and Pecci Filati is its excellent interpreter.

Knitwear has always been associated with a sense of great comfort, more then wearing traditional textiles. When, thanks to technology, it becomes possible to realise innovative yarn, with the use of advanced structures and needles, the level of comfort is maximised. All the yarns made by Pecci Filati, ever the purest, represent the highest performance and quality to enrich its value and wearability.



The appearance is the first and most important aspect of the choice factor in the world of fashion. Using the most advanced techniques, Pecci Filati is able to achieve highest attention to detail, movement and colour management. Its artisanal heritage is the background through which infinite yarn possibilities and customisations can be designed.

Modern technologies and human talent push the boundaries of innovation towards new standards and make things possible which were difficult to realise in the past. In Pecci FIlati creativity regards the durability of the quality product. Technological resources are used mainly to enhance the quality standards of the yarn.


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