Today’s dressing styles are demanding from the designers a cohesive vision that involves skills, solutions and tasks increasingly more complex. Hybridation and overlapping have become the most important keywords. A high tech content has become an unavoidable element of the new fashion collections because it provides the customer with a high standard of comfortand functionality.

Even fibers and textiles inspired by a natural world contain a huge amount of technological research, to match the brand’s quality standards. Hybridation – aiming to provide maximum coverage with minimum weight – marries chromatic experimentation. The overlap creates innovative patterns and textures, sometimes accompanied by an artisanal touch that celebrates imperfection. The high quality and performance of the materials create a lightness that convey a simple luxe feel. A sophisticated and avant-garde vision is the unifying force of a collection that is incredibly versatile yet easy to coordinate. Having its own production facilities and machineries, allows the company to pursue its mission which is tomix technology and traditional techniques in a stylish way, retaining a natural feel in a market that caters more and more to individual, customized needs and rejects bland, widely available options.

Infact, the FW19 collection is framed within “YourOwn Yarn” a conceptual installation conceived by artist Marco Lanza who creates photographic portraits, live on-site. The portraits will be then assembled incostantly changing patterns mixing and matching the human subjects with the different products highlighting this way the individual qualities of the single elements,  just like every portrayed person and his tasteand needs are unique. Sustainability is a main concern of Pecci Filati. We celebrate everyday our industrial legacy and the people making the company. We obey to the strictest standards for safety, transparency, trackability; we strive for a healthier planet through disposal of toxic waste and education towards a more responsible consumption. Among the many new offers of the season, we will introduce a collection of filati per aguglieria. Every year Pecci Filati takes part in Feel The Yarn, the competiotion for young creatives coming from the most prestigious international schools. This year 26 students will battle each other for the top prize with contributions on the theme “HYBRIDIZATION”.