Manifattura Pecci 1884, hub of excellence for the production of yarn, embodies the experience and inherits the values of one of the most representative companies in the history of the textile industry of the Prato area: the Lanificio Pecci. Over a century of enterprise, that incorporated its growth with the Made in Italy worldwide, as an expression of excellence in the textile industry of Prato. A century of expertise, holding a value that cannot be simply replicated. On the creative level as much as on the technical one, research is at the heart of the Manifattura Pecci 1884. An enormous work, that continues its development through experimentation and innovation, and which guarantees fashion an essential resource of inspiration and a reliable creative support, season after season. For Manifattura Pecci 1884, research is definitively the most important investment factor. []

Manifattura Pecci at Pitti Filati 82 is a celebration of the concept of craftsmanship as an inspiration for the company’s mission. The figure of the artisan, who combines expertise, talent and inspiration, using manual work to create materials and artefacts, is the symbol of how the company pursues its goal in today’s market.

The FW19 collection is framed within “YourOwn Yarn” a conceptual installation conceived by artist Marco Lanza

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